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Wound Healing/Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reports

With an outstanding heal rate of 90% (100% epithelialized), our quality improvement and accountability programs offer all the tools and services needed to run a world class, clinically effective, financially successful wound healing program. We provide a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach to treating patients in a medically driven, surgically oriented manner that will effectively heal wounds that resist conventional therapies.

Our success is the result of our ability to measure results and adjust our processes to create improved healing rates and performance. Praxis has developed the tools and systems that provide the structure for predictable and measurable results. With our Web-Based Outcome Management and Tracking System, we set clear standards with your requirements in mind. As we accurately track outcomes, we also incorporate national benchmarking and Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) to ensure that your goals as well as our corporate standards are met.

Web-Based Outcome Management & Tracking System
We have a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, web-based wound care outcome tracking and management system capable of monitoring our CPGs, storing and retrieving digital images and patient assessments, customizing reports, and externally benchmarking data. With proper security clearance, physicians can log on from the office, home or while traveling to access individual patient records and outcome reports. Approved users can also modify or create reports based on information tracked by the database.

Clinical outcomes are assessed by using standard evaluation tools, proper documentation, and a proprietary version of a web-based wound outcomes database. Outcome data from each center are reviewed quarterly in comparison with internal benchmarking data against other affiliated programs in a "blinded" fashion, against corporate aggregate outcomes, and against other published benchmark parameters. Outliers are identified on an ongoing, monthly basis to identify patients requiring reassessment or altered management.

Medical Quality Assessment
Medical performance is specifically addressed via our Medical Quality Assessment (MQA) program that involves an annual medical care and documentation review performed by our Chief Medical Officer or one of its Associate Medical Directors. A quarterly MQA and review of outcomes are held with all center Medical Directors to review outcome data, outlier patient care issues and other aspects of medical care.


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