Our Directors
Karen Gordon
Program Director

Our Doctors
Ronald DiScenza, MD
Bruce W. Haims, MD
Morteza Khaladj, DPM, FACPPM

Our Nurses
Bridgette Kramer, RN, CWCN
Liberty Nii-Moi R.N., C.D.T
Kimberly S. Oliver, RN, BSN, CWCN
Camille Scala, RN, MS

Our Techs
Lillian Candelaria
Mauricio Lopez


Our Nurses: Bridgette Kramer, RN, CWCN

Bridgette Kramer, RN, CWCN
A Certified Wound Nurse Clinician, Bridgette received her wound certification in June, 1999, and is a valued member of the Trinitas Regional Medical Center Wound Healing Center staff.

Working at Trinitas since June, 1997, Bridgette was first licensed as a registered nurse in 1969. She worked at St. Elizabeth Hospital from 1969-79, and then worked part time at St. Elizabeth. She worked in obstetrics, and on med/surg units as a team leader.

She worked at the Dorothy B. Hersch Outpatient Clinic at St. Elizabeth Hospital from 1985-1997.

Since then, she has worked at the Trinitas Regional Medical Center Wound Healing Center.

She is certified in CPR, Phlebotomy, PPD, EKG, NG tube insertion and Wound Vac.

Bridgette is a member of the Nurse Advisory Committee for the Wound Care Group, San Antonio, TX, a national committee appointment.


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