How We Work

At the Trinitas Regional Medical Center Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine, interdisciplinary is a term that is defined and refined here every day. We have patients from a wide variety of departments, with an even wider variety of wounds and illnesses that require our expertise. To meet this daily challenge, we have assembled a team of professionals, given them the latest technology, and they use their talents and tools to perform work that some have described as "miracles."

Our physicians are ready to work with your primary care physician and other specialists to chart the best course of treatment and get you on the road to recovery. Often, other health problems complicate matters, or post-surgical infection may cause you unexpected problems. We have encountered thousands of wound healing patients in hundreds of problematic situations, and we have been able to bring the overwhelming majority of these problems to a successful resolution. Lives are changed in the process. Despair is usually replaced by happiness. Our work is living proof that hope springs eternal.

This is how we work.

Tools & Techniques
Doppler Pulse Evaluation
We use this technology to determine the blood flow available to transport medications and nutrients to the wound.
Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring
TcPO2 helps us determine how much oxygenation is available to promote wound healing.
Wound Debridement
This minor procedure serves to enhance the growth of healthy tissues in many wounds.
Wound Dressing
We choose products based on what each patient needs. This, combined with the body's ability to heal and other medications and techniques we might employ, allows for the optimum conditions needed for healing to occur.



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