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Physician Referral And Information Center

For some doctors, making a referral to the Trinitas Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine is a last resort. When other treatment options have failed, we stand ready to accept the challenge of a patient's chronic, non-healing wound and everything that comes with it.

For other doctors, making a referral to our Center is a option that is exercised early on in the process, giving patients an even greater chance of a successful outcome.

While the outcomes are usually the same, the difference between the two lies in what you know about us versus what you don't know about us.

Physicians who have made referrals to our Center have been tremendously pleased with the results we consistently deliver (around 95% on a regular basis). Our use of every possible tool, technique and product available, coupled with our experience and expertise of our physicians and staff, give us an incredible edge that works to your patient's advantage.

Please click through the section on the right to learn more about our treatment modalities, read through some of our case studies and learn more about us, and we're sure you'll agree that you can refer your patients to us with 100% confidence in a successful resolution of your patient's chronic, non-healing wound problems.

Feel free to contact any of our physicians with questions or concerns. Check out some of the Testimonials from patients who have received treatment from our Center. We're certain that your patients will have great success stories of their own to tell.


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