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Families Of Wound Healing Patients

Every patient at the Trinitas Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine is someone's mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, son or daughter. Every day, we see our patients and their loved ones in our waiting room. It serves to remind us that when a person has a chronic or non-healing wound, it affects many people around that person, not just the patient.

Mom has diabetes, and she has started to develop ulcers on her feet. As the center of the universe of her family, her problem has ramifications for everyone else in the family. In addition to the care she needs, major changes are going to have to be made by everybody to help her pull through this successfully. In other cases, Mom may have children who have grown and are living in other areas of the country, and someone needs to help her get the care she needs.

We deal with situations like this every day. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping your loved one achieve the best possible outcome for his/her condition. In addition to our deep level of dedication, we have achieved outstanding levels of success for more than 90% of our patients. Hovering in the mid-90's, our success rate is something we pride ourselves on attaining.and maintaining.

Our staff will help you understand the process of wound healing, describe and explain what is happening every step of the way, chart your loved one's progress through the treatment process and provide information and advice once the treatment is complete. This is all part of your loved one's Individualized Treatment Plan. Don't forget, your help and support is of critical importance to your loved one's overall experience. If you need an interpreter, we can provide one in almost every case.

Once discharged from our care, we will follow up with your loved one and his/her physician from a Discharge Planning standpoint to make sure the outcome was a successful one. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon the full resources of Trinitas Regional Medical Center to help our patients.

We're happy to report that many former patients write to us and stop by to visit to tell us how well they're doing. Many patients have offered written and recorded Testimonials that tell their stories from their own personal perspective.

Mom needs all the love, care, compassion and help she can get. We'll do our part so you can do yours.


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